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Stephanie Walker

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My journey as a realtor began in 2014 when I realized it was time to leave the confinement of the corporate world. And it has been the BEST career move I have ever made!

Being a realtor for me means I get to do what I am best at, which is helping folks. My background in Psychology gave me the insight to realize that we are all so beautifully unique and so is each transaction within the Real Estate world. The absolute greatest part of being a realtor is moving about and meeting new people and watching their eyes shine when we find that perfect house.

My husband,Jared, (who is a native of Arkansas), convinced me to move from the Kansas City area to the exquisitely beautiful North Central region of Arkansas. And in 2016,we made that move.

We both,along with our two daughters (Ness and Madi), enjoy the simple life of farming while raising cows, horses, roosters & dachshunds as a hobby and interacting with the small community of my husband’s hometown. So glad we made this decision!

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