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Checklist for Moving to Mountain Home, AR

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Joey Peglar | Home Buying | September 17, 2015

You're moving to Mountain Home, AR. Maybe it's because of your career, the beautiful views and peaceful surroundings, or maybe just because, either way, you have made a fantastic choice. You have probably done your research and already know we have great schools, lower than national average cost of living, low crime rate, and amazing fishing, but after the initial decision of relocating to the Mountain Home area...what's next? Confusion? Frustration? Nope...that's where I come in.

As a realtor, I need to know a few things before I can put you in your new home.

  • Have you secured financing? If you have, bring a preapproval letter from your lender detailing the amount you are approved to borrow for your home. If you haven't, there are many banks in the Mountain Home area that would love to assist you on your home buying journey.
  • Do you have any location requirements? Such as, close proximity to work or school, inside or outside city limits, lake or river access, etc.
  • What are you looking for in a home? How many bedrooms/bathrooms? Have you thought about square footage and space? Would you like additional acreage? What style of home do you like? This list can be very specific or broad depending on your wants and needs.
  • What is your time frame for wanting to move in? Are you looking for something you can move into immediately or something you can customize to your liking? Are you moving in from out of state?
Once we are through the actual home buying process (finding the right house, getting an accepted offer, financing, insurance, closing, etc.), then the really rewarding part begins!

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Keys in hand, you enter your new home, look around and think...what do I do first? Whether you are making a checklist for moving into a new house, a checklist for relocating, or a checklist for moving out of state, here are few things that should go on any list. Doing these things before moving into your new home should make the transition much easier and pleasant.

1. Transfer Utilities. Make a list of utilities you need turned on or transferred into your name. Water, electricity, gas, trash, internet, cable/satellite, etc. You don't want to start moving in and find out you have no water or heat. While you are out securing utilities, change your mailing address as well. You can get a change of address form from any post office, or you can do it online for a small fee.

2. Clean. No matter if the house has been vacant for days or months, chances are the previous owners did not leave it in the condition you'd like to live in. You can either hire someone local to do a move-in clean, or you can do it yourself. If you choose the DIY route, start from the top and work your way down. Ceiling air vents, ceiling fans, light fixtures, tops of cabinets, window and door frames, windows, shower fixtures, light switches and outlet covers, get the idea.

3. Paint. If you are planning on painting the walls of your new home, it is best to do this before you bring your belongings in. Make sure you have everything you need so you don't have to make any emergency trips to the hardware store...painters tape, brushes, rollers, paint, plastic sheeting to protect the floor, etc.

4. General preventive maintenance. If your home has a fireplace, you need to have it serviced and your chimney swept before using it, as well as replacing all smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries. Change all exterior locks and security system access codes. Set up a quarterly contract with your local pest control company to keep your home pest free year round. Clean out your gutters and do any minor repairs to ensure they will work properly. Have your heating and air conditioning units serviced, and replace all air intake filters in your home.

That should do it! You are now ready to move in! Call around for pricing on moving companies, they may be less expensive than you think. If you'd rather do it yourself, friends and neighbors always make for great helping hands. Most importantly have fun, be safe, enjoy your new home and welcome to Mountain'll love it here!

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